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How to start a business that requires minimum labor.

Updated: Jul 19

How to start a business that requires minimum labor. Setting up a Dropshipping Business. Graphic Design App.

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Sometimes the problem isn't budgeting your money but increasing your income. This doesn't mean you have to switch jobs or anything drastic Ike that. It's time to start discovering side hustles. The best hustles are the ones you can put on autopilot or that require less hands on activity. Which brings us to my favorite-Printify.

With Printify I upload my designs from Canva and add it to different products. Do your research and find out what products are currently trending or not easily available (but in demand) and use that for inspiration.

1. Create a design in Canva

Canva is a graphic design software that you can download on your phone, ipad or use from a desktop. You can create anything from flyers to presentations for your personal and business life. They have a free version but the pro version gives you a big selection of already uploaded clip art, photos and templates.

2. Create a Printify Account

Printify is a Print On Demand and Dropshipping platform. There is no start up costs and they work with multiple printing companies to choose from. Once your customer makes a purchase they take care of the shipping for you. You can choose from a variety of products from aparrel to home decor items.

3. Connect to a selling platform

Printfy has it set up so that it easy to connect your Printify shop to a E-Commerce website. If you're website host isn't one already set up for easy integration you can use API to connect it. Platforms already available to connect with:

  1. Shopify

  2. Etsy

  3. Walmart (US)

  4. Squarespace

  5. EBay

  6. Wix

  7. Woocommerce

  8. Bigcommerce

  9. PrestaShop

Remember your job is to drive traffic to your website or whichever platform you choose. Since Printfy handles the shipping you can focus your energy into the marketing. Make sure you order a sample to make sure you approve of the quality of both the product and how your design looks. This also gives you a chance to inspect the product, packaging and speed of service. Check out my products shipped by Printfiy.


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