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Email Marketing 101 - Increase Brand Awareness & Sales

Updated: Jul 14

Email Marketing 101 . What is email marketing? Why should I use email marketing?

Emails were first launched in the 1970s by Ray Tomlinson but it was in 1978 that Gary Thuerk sent the first spam blast to 397 people promoting his firm's computer products.

Although it was considered spam, the ROI was about 12 million dollars from that email. Yes you read that correctly. His email and the reason he is now referred to as the "Father Of Spam" generated 12 Million Dollars for his firm. While email marketing may be one of the

oldest marketing channels, it still one of the most effective marketing channels you can use. Email campaigns can be used to promote new products, build a community, share news and increase brand awareness. There are over 4 billion email users and 86% of marketers are already targeting them. Why aren't you one of them?

What is email marketing?

What are the benefits of email marketing?

What do i write in an email campaign?

What type of email should I send?

How do I make my email campaigns effective?

Who can I email?

Track the results. How do I send email campaigns?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a powerful and again effective form of direct- digital marketing. It involves email lists and intentional campaigns to share business updates, product/service highlights, sales/discounts, etc. with targeted subscribers.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Out of sight, out of mind applies in business too. Sending your customers emails regularly help remind them that you still exist. It also gives you a chance to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Increase Sales & Revenue

  • Share Business Updates

  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Promote New Products

  • Send out coupons & discounts.

What do I write in an email campaign?

What you should include in your email depends on what type of email you’re sending, your goals and what appeals to your target audience. Here’s some ideas on the different type of email campaigns I send.

  • Welcome Email

  • Promotional Email

  • Referral Email

  • Blog Posts

  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Email

  • Newsletter Email

  • Tell A Story

  • Conduct a Survey or Poll

  • Share a Testimonial

  • Share a Milestone

  • Product Highlight

  • Run A Sale

  • Transactional

  • We’ve Missed You

  • Announcement Email

  • Behind the Scenes Email

  • Content Tease

What type of email should I send?

The type of email you send depends on what your goal of the email campaign is. Everyone on your email list is not required to receive the same email (A/B Testing.) Categorize your email subscribers into different segments to make it easier when selecting who the target audience of the campaign should be.

How do I make my email marketing campaigns effective?
  • Fulfill your promises when they signed up. If you promised “Monday Morning Mantras” then every Monday morning you should be delivering “Monday Morning Mantras.”

  • Target your emails correctly.

  • Use SEO Keywords throughout your email's content to provide relevant content.

  • Include a catchy Subject Line.

  • Include a CTA (Call-To-Action.)

  • Add an image for visual pleasure.

  • Email consistently but do not overwhelm the recipents.

  • Review, edit and test BEFORE you send.

Who can I email?

According to the CAN-SPAM ACT, you have to receive permission to send emails. Which means you need to go build an email list. The pro of building an email list is that you know the people who are on the list- are interested in what your business has to offer/say.

Track the results

Tracking your email campaigns help to identify what's working and what's not. Using the stats below you can see how the campaign performed. Use the results to switch up design, content, people you send to etc.

  • Emails Sent

  • Emails Delivered

  • Emails Bounced

  • Number of people who unsubscribed

  • Number of Spam Complaints

  • Total Views

  • Click Rate

  • Open Rate

How do I send email campaigns?

There are a different email service providers to choose from or you can send them manually. I use a combination of both. Automation is a life saver! My newsletters I design from scratch and send or schedule them to send from my Wix account. Other emails like welcome emails, abandoned carts etc. I set up to send automatically. Browse the different features, design options, pricing, etc. and see what works for you. Here's a couple softwares to explore.

Get Response

Constant Contact



Like any other form of marketing you need to create a strategy before diving in. Sending emails that have no goals, typos, broken links, poor design will not give the results your business wants. It's also a matter of trial and error. Do not be disappointed by low open rates or clicks, use them to get better.


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