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9 Marketing & Advertising Ideas To Increase Engagement, Conversions & Awareness.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

9 Fall Marketing Ideas to increase engagement, increase conversions and/or draw awareness to your brand.

Fall Marketing & Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses 2023

Fall is one of the best seasons to really get creative and engage with your customers through your marketing. From infusing fall leaves or pumpkins into your marketing materials to offering fall freebies and running spooktacular sales. The opportunities are endless so get creative but make sure it still aligns with your overall brand image and relates to your target audience.

Technically Autumn doesn't start until mid-September but busy season for some businesses really kicks off when the kids go back to school and doesn't slow down until the New Year.

As a Small Business Owner or Freelancer your priorities right now should be:

  • Promote hard

  • Run Sales

  • Engage

  • Anaylze

  • Repeat!

The big box stores have already started. Before Summer even finished stores were switching out Summer products with Fall & Halloween. So if you haven't already began including Fall imagery, slogans or creating a sales plan then you're behind. But lucky for you... I'm here.

I'm going to give you a couple ideas to get your creative juices going. Use what works, leave what don'ts. Share for someone else.

Check out these 9 Fall Marketing Ideas to increase engagement, increase conversions and/or draw awareness to your brand.


1. Run an End Of Summer Sale.
End Of Summer Sale

Clear out inventory/summer products by promoting them at a lower price or package deal. People love end of season sales. Email and Text alerts in addition to Social Media posts are a great way spread the word about your sale.

Start with your current customers. It's easier to bring customers back then to find new ones. Here are a couple sale ideas.

  1. Buy 2 Get 1 Free

  2. 50% Off All Summer Products

  3. Last Chance Sale


2. Revamp your marketing materials with Fall Imagery.

September/Early October/November: Fall leaves, Apples, Pumpkins

October: Spooky Ghost, Potion Bottles, Witches

Websites like Canva make it easy to add some clipart to your logo, website banner, flyers or email campaigns. Here's some designs I played with for our Website Banner to add a Fall theme.


3. Participate in Fall Community Events.

Community events are a great way to spread awareness about your business. They are also fun ways to market outside of the norm.. Remember a Community Event is not the same as a Pop Up Shop/ Vendor Event where the goal is sales. Although some community events do let you sale the primary purpose of participating in community events is to give back to the community your business is in, engage with the community and let people know about your business.

For Example: Participating in a Little League's Trunk Or Treat event. It's free to sign up. You decorate your trunk and find a way to incorporate your brand. Have one person giving the kids candy while another is passing out to the parents business cards or sample. You paid nothing except what you invested in your set up and spent the time telling people about your business.

  • If you have an office/brick and mortar then bring flyers or business cards with your address so people can come find you. It doesn't matter how long you've been open or how much marketing you've done.... I promise you at least 5 people will say they didn't know your business was there. Get out there and spread the word!!

  • If you have an E-Commerce shop it's a good idea to include a QR code on your flyer/card so they can go straight to your website. Maybe pass out samples or coupons too.

  • Don't forget to take a sign up sheet so you can make contact with the people who you meet via email or phone at a later time.


4. Sponsor a Youth Sports Team or Local Charity

Youth organizations are always looking for Businesses to sponsor them. They normally offer sponsorship packages like putting your business on a banner, field, brochure, their website and/or shoutouts via social media/email campaigns. It doesn't cost alot and with the right organization you can write it off on your taxes.

Learn more about writing off contributions to Non Profits on your taxes here. I am not a tax representative nor do I claim to be one. Please do your own research.

5. Add Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options to your store.

Now is the time that most people start their holiday shopping. I actually know people who have have already started. Different shoppers have different needs. Some have financial restraints and others just can't resist a payment plan. Either way Buy Now, Pay Later options are expected to reach 82.1 million users in 2023. Do I really need to explain more as to why you offer at least one?

Check out these and see which one or ones work for your business.

  1. Klarna

  2. Afterpay

  3. Zip

  4. Affirm

  5. Sezzle

6. Send out a Fall Newsletter/Email Campaign

Newsletters/Email Campaigns can help revive the relationships with past customers and engage new ones. You can share business updates/news, sales, new products, educate or entertain.

Marketing blog to help email campaigns

7. Use Fall Hashtags

Fall hashtags are a great way to make your post/content more discoverable.

8. Stand Out With Fall Slogans

Fall Slogans are a creative way to grab attention. Here are a couple Fall Slogans to try:

  • Fall In Love With...

  • Leaves are falling, just like our prices!

  • Trick-Or Treat Yo Self!

  • Shop These Spooktacular Savings

  • Boo! It's A Scary Good Deal (or Sale)

  • We're grateful for you. .... Offer with a coupon?

  • Check out this Wicked Sale

Check out this Etsy Shop Banner I made using Canva to add a fall themed slogan.

Fall Marketing Slogan

9. Plan your marketing around Fall Events

  • Amazon's October Shopping Event

  • Black Friday

  • Small Business Saturday

  • Cyber Monday

  • Football Season

  • Check and see what the national days are and monthly observances. Either can be used for great marketing as well. For Example: October is Financial Planning month so a lot of my content will be centered around that.

A little extra....

Marketing Notes for: Cleaning Business,
Candle Business or Photographer

Cleaning Business

Candle Business


Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for families visiting so a lot of people reach out for cleanings before or after the holiday. And sometimes both.

Fall is the perfect time to introduce Fall Favorite Scents like Pumpkin, Apple Cinnamon, Pecan Pie and Sandalwood.

People LOVEEE Holiday photos both Fall & Winter. Let your work sell itself.

Advertise a special for Pre & Post Thanksgiving Cleanings. Book 2 Cleaning for one Special Price or Book your Post Thanksgiving Cleaning by 11/10 to receive 30% off.

Run A Buy 3 Get 2 Free Cyber Monday Sale

Depending on your niche run specials. Advertise creative shoots you've done in the past. Join online groups that your target audience would be in.

Show testimonies of previous customer thanking you for holiday cleanings in the past.

Make a reel with a soft trendy audio or voice over showing the candles in a relaxing setting. It could be a bedroom, office desk, kitchen counter. Get creative.

Make a reel of different Autumn, Halloween, Football, Family photos you've done. End it with your contact info. Or Make a post highlighting client feedback. Showing your work and showing social proof are big ones in the Photography industry. Along with highlighting your skills/specialties.


September is Strategic Thinking month so I'm challenging all of my Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Creatives to strategize a Fall Marketing Plan for your business by September 30th! Are you in?


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