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Shifting from Survival Mode to a Successful Business Owner is hard.....

Updated: Jul 14

I tell myself I don't know how many times a day "You're safe now."

The mental struggle of shifting from Survival mode to a successful Business Owner/Person in Society is one of the hardest "features" to turn off and truly not talked about enough.

People who come from rough backgrounds (physically, emotionally, financally) long for a life where everyday isn't a fight to survive or provide. But are never fully prepared to recognize the little things that have to shift. You're still in Survival Mode if...It's hard understanding everyone isn't against you. These strangers really want to help you win and succeed. Their support is genuine.

It's harder accepting criticism because automatically it's assumed as a dig/hating not constructive with the intent for growth.

You're working day in and day out and NEVER looking up and enjoying what you created. There is nothing wrong with hustling but you gotta look up kid.

It's feeling you're not worthy for certain things and having to be reminded that your worth is not diminished by mistakes or unforeseen circumstances. You're worthy.

It's the struggle to release some control. No elaboration needed you know what's up here. lol

It's being uncomfortable stepping in a room with people who could pay off the entire debt you've accumulated In life without feeling a pinch. Instead of realizing you're in this room for a reason.

It's overdoing it in your parenting because your kids "deserve everything you didn't have" knowing damn well they bad asses don't. Okay too far had to lighten it up but forreal they don't need everything, I bet they're grateful for what they have and just want you.

& One of the biggest adjustments is the financial changes. You shift from a crowd who thinks $20 Entry Fees are too much to people excited that tickets are only $200. Don't go broke trying to keep up. Don't penny pinch and miss out on opportunities because of your unhealthy attachment to money.

I didn't really think this post through so I don't have a big ending. Lol ehh.... hope this resonates with someone. Enjoy your Saturday.


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