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How to make money selling feet pictures.

How to make money selling feet pictures.

Yes, you read that title correctly. We're about to talk about how to make money selling feet pictures.

woman's feet in a bubble bath

Someone made a joke in their membership questions asking me how they can sell feet pictures but what if I told you it's really a high-paying gig?

Like....You can make GOOD money selling pictures and videos of your feet to people and businesses. I've been down a rabbit hole for the past week screening reviews, watching success

videos, complaints, reading articles, and testing the different platforms. It's a bag involved in either route. Keep reading to get yours.


What does selling feet pictures consist of?

Exactly what it sounds like...Taking pictures and/or videos of your feet and selling them. You don't even have to do videos if you choose not to.

But don't mistake the simplicity of that statement and think you can just upload a couple of random pictures and make a bunch of money overnight. That's not how it works.

It is a business whether you do it here and there for some extra money or full-time. This means you need to put in the work before you start snapping pictures and selling. Take these six steps to get started.

1. Research the market. Reddit is a good place to start your research and you can browse the "feet-selling" platforms. Get an idea of what you're getting into. You want to research not only the buyers but the sellers too. From the buyer's angle, you want to know what kind of pictures they are buying, what they like, and what they want that isn't on the market or limited. From the seller's angle, you want to know what they are posting, what are they charging, where are they posting, how they are marketing, how are the buyer's responding, etc.

2. Pick your niche. Random photos aren't going to cut it. This doesn't mean you can only have one niche or one target audience but you do want to narrow it down. This will also assist with organizing and getting creative with your content. As well as build up your following. I'll share some niches below.

3. Start building up content. Take high-quality pictures or videos with good lighting, and a clean background. Don't be afraid to get creative.

4. Price your pictures and videos. While you're building up your following start your pricing at a competitive but luring rating. $5-10 is a good starting point. As you grow raise the price.

5. Shake the shyness. You love your feet now make the people love them too. Some platforms allow buyers to message the seller so if you're going to be chatting make sure you're responding promptly.

6. Start posting, promoting, and selling. You can go two different ways with this venture. One post anonymously. Two build your own platform/following loud and proud. Keep reading I'll show you how to do both.


Why do people buy feet pictures?

It's a known laughing joke to say "I'm about to start selling feet pics." when someone is feeling the burn of the economy. And it's often intended to mean selling them to someone with a foot fetish. That's not a joke boo. Foot fetishes are real and the people with them will payyyyy. And it's a good chance they will make up more than half of your clientele. Whether you know it or not. So sell your pictures and mind your business on what happens after your deposit clears.

Businesses, Artists, and Influencers will also purchase your pictures to use on their websites, social media accounts, for inspiration, and for product mockups. While you can't control who purchases your pictures- you can photograph them and list them with your target audience in mind.

Do I have to show my face?

This is a big factor for a lot of people but the answer is no.... and at the same time depending on the platform you choose. For instance, Feet Finder does not require anything other than your feet but Dollar Feet does require you to show your face. If you prefer to stay anonymous then you of course would just go with a platform that doesn't require it.

If you decide to go a route outside of Feet Finder or Fun With Feet make sure you take the proper security steps to protect yourself. Not required but recommended (from me) do not use your personal information.

From your real name to your email address and the payout method you choose. I watch a lot of Law & Order SVU mixed with being a hacker (by profession) I feel it's just a smarter move.

Feet Finder states on their website that they are the safest and most secure website to buy and sell feet content. Encrypted servers, PCI-compliant security, and third-party firewall ensures your data and card info remains hidden and safe from potential threats. No other websites to sell feet pics offer the same level of security and have the track record of Feet Finder.


Where can I post my feet pictures?

The top two selling platforms that connect you with your buyers are and You can also build your own platform to sell from but you'll need to find the customers. Which isn't impossible but requires a little more leg work. Feet Finder and Fun With Feet already have buyers online ready to buy.

Feet Selling Platforms

1. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is the largest platform for selling feet pictures with over 5,000 five-star reviews on Trust Pilot. They do charge a $4.99 a month seller's fee but you can cut that to $1.25 a month by paying annually and the perks make it worthwhile.

  • 90% payout on all sales

  • Handles payments for you so you don't have to track anyone down.

  • Completely anonymous

feet finder flyer

2. Fun With Feet

Fun With Feet is another popular platform for selling feet pictures. I read mixed reviews on this one so I can't vouch for it as much as Feet Finder which I've tested out but play with it yourself and decide. I'm also not too fond of their security statement because it doesn't give the same reassurance as Feet Finder in my opinion.

Fun With Feet does allow you to do a lot more than Feet Finder in terms of interacting with buyers. You can sell pictures, videos, custom content, chat with buyers, etc.

  • You choose if you're anonymous or not.

  • The cost to sign up is $9.99 for 3 months or $14.99 for 6 months.

  • Security statement " We verify every seller on the site to ensure that our buyers are buying from real people and have the best experience possible. "

Fun With feet

Other platforms to check out:

Build your own platform and following.

An alternative to using one of the platforms above is to make your own. Which as I mentioned requires more work but is not impossible to do. I do recommend separating your personal profile and creating a new profile for this purpose. Not so much required if you’re targeting businesses but if you’re seeking the foot fetish audience it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is where you would be implementing the alias name, email address, etc. You still have full control over if you'll be anonymous or show your face. Plus you do not have to share your commission with anyone.

Platforms to sell on:

  • Stock Photo Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Reddit


Get creative with your feet pictures and videos to increase your sales.

Like any hustle, there are other hustlers on the block. So think beyond painting your toes and snapping a picture. Yes, those pictures sell too but you make more when you give more. Luckily for you, content brainstorming is what I do best. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

1. Beach scene

  • Foot video walking through the sand/water.

  • Picture posing in front of the water.

  • Picture in pretty strappy sandals

  • Use seashells, different shoe types, ankle bracelets, etc.

2. Getting a massage

  • Video of a foot massage with lotion, oil, and special cream (three separate video ideas)

  • Still picture of massage

  • Use props like hot stones, crystals, essential oils

3. Shoe Show

  • High heels

  • Sandals

4. Theme your pictures for the holiday

  • Mistletoe for Christmas

  • Beach or Pool for Summer

  • Snow in winter. (A little cold but you'll be aiight, lol)

  • Walking through a sunflower field in the fall

  • Walking through Rainy puddles in the rain

5. Natural Pics

  • Laying across your couch with a book

  • Propped up on an ottoman etc.

Remember you want people to BUY the pictures so tease them don't post the whole picture for a show.

categories to sell feet pictures


I’ll come back and add how you can multiply this side hustle two more ways To increase your income. For now- you have what you need to get started. So get started 🦶


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