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How To Make Money Online Selling Videos From Home.

How to make money online selling videos from home.

how to make money from home

Hey y'all! I mentioned on my Facebook about selling videos online- from home to generate an additional income stream and here is the follow-up.

Selling videos to Businesses, Organizations, and even Influencers is a proven income stream. The same way you like or are skilled at making videos but not the marketing side there are people who are beast with the marketing but suck or don't have the time when it comes to creating the content. Or it might just be that you have no interest in running a business or social media account but still have the skills to produce or assist with the content and they don’t have the time. Whatever the reason you can make good money creating, editing, and selling videos. Keep reading and I'll explain to you how.

*91% of businesses use videos in their marketing.



  1. What does creating and selling videos consist of?

  2. Benefits of a video selling business.

  3. What skills do I need?

  4. How much can I get paid?

  5. What equipment do I need to get started?

  6. Where do I find clients/gigs to sell my video services for people to purchase?


  8. Fiverr

  9. Sellfy

  10. Understanding different video types and features.

  11. Build Your Portfolio


What does creating and selling videos consist of?

make money from home creating videos

Literally what it sounds like create videos and sell them. To get started you will need to:

  1. Pick your niche.

  2. Set up an online platform (for people to find you).

  3. Create a portfolio.

  4. Apply for gigs.

  5. Create the content.

  6. Deliver to the client.

Once you complete the video and send it to the client your job is done. Your client receives the video and then uploads it to their website, social media, email campaigns, etc. What they do with it really isn’t your concern. This is why a lot of people choose this income stream. No additional work is required.

Fiverr steps to selling videos

Pick A Niche

When it comes to picking your niche and deciding what type of videos you’ll create you will still need to do your research on the market demand, trends, your target audience’s needs, etc. Finance, Health (Mental and Physical), Travel, Business, and Parenting are popular ones to start with. The client will tell you for the most part what kind of video they want and any special features. Make sure you are able to fulfill their needs skill-wise and platform-wise. This will help narrow down your target audience as well.


You don't need to be a guru at all the platforms but you at least need to what platforms you do work with. And consider taking the time to learn the ones you don't.

If you specialize in Instagram and Tiktok short form videos only but a client needs a Youtube How-To tutorial with a thumbnail, cards, and an end screen….that’s not within your skill set. Which isn’t a problem. You don’t have to know every platform, it's just a matter of communication beforehand.


What will the videos I create be used for?

Gigs change by the client so what your videos are used for depends on the client. Here’s a couple of ways the videos you create could be used:

  1. Email Campaign to promote a new product.

  2. Website

  3. Product review in a blog post.

  4. Share business news or tips on Social Media

Now this next scenario isn't always the case but I recently found out that one of the TikTok accounts I follow shows a beautiful woman sharing tips on business and wealth but the account really belongs to a random 32-year-old man. He found her on Fiverr and she makes about $500 a month to produce 20 videos for him. He tells her what to say. She repeats the script in her video and sends him the video....her job is done. He uses the video to sell content and educate plus adds his affiliate link to the description. They’re both making money.



Benefits of a video selling business.

  • Can create from anywhere.

  • Low Costs to Start.

  • You decide how much or little you work and when.

  • You decide how much you get paid.

  • You decide what jobs you take.

Creating and selling videos work for me because I live a very busy life and like to be able to move freely. It gives me more time with my children and as little creators themselves, they get to help me sometimes. I make decent money creating videos and sometimes just editing them for others. We also get to enjoy the perks like free Airbnb stays in exchange for video content. Yes, a FREE VACATION! Leverage your skills.


What skills do I need to be a Video Creator?

You do not need a tech degree or heavy tech skills to be successful with your video creations. Like I said above my kids help run our social media accounts, and record and edit videos. If my 8, 9, and 11-year-olds can create content and edit videos for me I know you can too! Fiverr Learn, Google, and YouTube can help you brush up on or learn new skills.

Your client also may have specific requests for video editing tools or platforms they need the video to be compatible with. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the options available. If you’re a one-app type of person that's fine too just include it in your profile. Niches/Subjects that you are familiar with can also be classified as skills.

If you know a second language or sign language major pluses too. I wish I kept going with Spanish & Arabic. But I have been on Babbel working on refreshing my Spanish now. I personally may never produce content in different languages but I want to know them for my traveling purposes, lol.

what services can i offer on fiver

Video creator skills


How much money can I make selling videos online?

I know this may sound too good to be true but you seriously get to decide how much you get paid and how much you make on a regular basis. You accept and decline jobs at your convenience and you set the price.


What equipment do I need to get started?

Home workspace

You don’t need a ton of money or fancy equipment to get started. So go ahead and drop that excuse. This is my workspace where I edit my long-form videos and work in general. A decent size corner in my garage. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. I use my phone, my iPad, and sometimes my computer. But 90% of my work is done from my iPad because I prefer a bigger screen but still a portable device.


Where do I find clients/gigs to sell my video services?

My go-to answer for a person without a following or switching niches from their current following is Fiverr. Mainly because Fiverr has the people already. People know to go on Fiverr to find pros for their business needs and you can offer way more than video services on their platform. You create your pro account, add a profile picture, add your skills, create a gig and your profile is live.


make money working on social media

Paying Social

Media Jobs

How much does it cost?

The training is normally $97 but is currently on sale for $27 with lifetime access. You keep 70% commission for the jobs they send you.

become a fiverr freelancer


How much does it cost?

It's free to join Fiverr. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services. But they do take 20% from each transaction.

sell digital products online


An alternative to Fiverr is to sell your content/services directly from your own platform. Sellfy is a great beginner-friendly option to sell digital products. The only downside is setting up your own platform means you will need to do a lot more marketing to find the clients. You can also do both! I personally suggest starting with Fiverr. Less complicated, no website is needed.

How much does it cost?

Sellfy has a 14-day free trial and then pricing plans start at $19/month. $0 from each transaction. Learn the pricing plan options here.

I recommend using a combination of all three, but you dont have to start with all 3. My proces


For me it was a little different because I choose a niche that I already had a following with. So majority of my clients seen what I posted on my own page and asked for help and so a new income stream evolved lol. I recently joined - no complaints so far. Fiverr is a proven platform to connect with clients. Sellfy is quick, easy and inexpensive. Pick whichever one works for you.


Understanding different video types and features.

There are two main types of video content and it’s important to identify what your client expects and what you are able to do. As well as the specifics for what each type entails size, time lengths, etc. One of the most obvious differences is:

  1. Long Form Videos are recorded widescreen.

  2. Short Form Videos are recorded vertically and used for Reels/Shorts.

Read more about Long Form and Short Form Videos here.

In addition to the different forms of videos, clients may have additional requests for the video so it’s important to familiarize yourself with how to fulfill these requests. Requests may include:

  1. Text On Screen

  2. Add audio music

  3. Record a Voiceover

  4. Storytelling

  5. A.I Animation

  6. Transition Animation in between clips

  7. Subtitles/Captions


Build Up Your Portfolio To Attract Clients.

1. Do your research.

When you go to purchase something you look at the images, descriptions, reviews, etc. right? Well, it's the same for clients searching for Freelancers to trust with their business and money...they need to see your work, have a clear understanding of the services you offer, and see reviews. Starting off you of course won't have reviews so that means you really have to sell yourself and your skills.

Take a second to browse through the bios of freelancers/creatives on Fiverr, Linked In, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. Don't steal anyone's profile but you'll be able to see an example of keywords and skills you should highlight. You can also check out Indeed for job posts searching for "Social Media Video Editor", "TikTok Content Creator".

If you're going to narrow down to a niche like health/wellness, business, traveling, unboxing, etc. then search to check out creators already in the game. Again don't steal anyone's style but let it inspire you to create your own.

Decide if you're going to be a faceless creator or a public creator. Or a mix of both. Some clients will specifically request a person talking or being seen using a product. While others may be okay with products on backdrops or landscape videos with text overlay and audio.

2. Use the above to write your intro and skills/services overview.

Your portfolio will be your client's first impression of you. So in addition to the visual content- a written portion is always needed as well. Don't be afraid to show your personality in it.

3. Start recording some sample videos.

Treat this like a paid client video and give them your best stuff. Video ideas for your portfolio:

  • Niche Related Tips

  • Business Facts/Values

  • Combine some of the testimonials the client’s business received into one video.

  • How To Tutorials

  • Product Videos

  • Unboxing- order a product from a small business (or collaborate with them) and record yourself opening the product. Highlight the packaging, product details, etc.

  • Product Review

  • New Product Reveal

  • Sales Marketing Video

  • Product Demonstration

4. Perfect your skills and keep your portfolio updated.

Technology is ever growing in today’s world and the trends are constantly changing. Your portfolio should show your skills and your ability to adapt. This includes learning new things. Clients will be pleased to see you taking your craft seriously.


By now you should have an understanding on what being a Video Creator consists of. If you don't have the skills- you should know where to start. You know where to post your video services and how to build up your portfolio. So what are you waiting on?




Small Business Owning, Homeschooling, Traveling, Author, Entrepreneur, Softball/Baseball Mom & Wife.

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