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$600 Bonus From Doordash !!!!

Side hustles that actually pay good money. Doordash is offering a $600 dollar bonus right now for completing deliveries in Virginia Beach, VA.

If you have been thinking about adding Doordash to your side hustles now is the time! Doordash like any work place has its kinks but you can definitely rack up with them. Doordash has saved my a** on a couple bills, funded vacations and helped me saved so I recommend.

Why you should try dashing:
  • You set your own hours. Literally 24hrs. Learn the hotspots/peak hours.

  • Earn as much or little as you like.

  • Same day pay.

  • They offer peak pay bonuses plus different challenges for extra pay.

  • You get to learn neighborhoods, parks & sh*t you never knew existed in your own city. My fav. lol

  • You can dash anywhere. Going out of town? Spend a couple hours dashing lol.

Sign Up for the bonus

Use my link to sign up and after the 290th delivery. YES 290. They are not giving you not bonus today for you to quit tomorrow. But I promise 290 is easy af to do.

To get the bonus you have to:

  • Sign up by 07/19/23 (It does not cost anything to sign up)

  • Complete 290 deliveries within 60 days for the bonus. Complete those deliveries in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.

Also--> Do not go out there and accept no $2 orders. We have a standard over here so don't come messing it up.

Last Note: You can sign up and dash anywhere you want. This bonus will only count for the Virginia Beach deliveries and have to be completed within 60 days of sign up. But Doordash is a great source of income without the bonuses and after you sign up you can still participate in the challenges for extra money.

Become A Dasher
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