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Monthly Productivity Planner

Monthly Productivity Planner & Tracker

As Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs it’s easy to get lost in the hustle so much that we lose sight of the big picture. You want your business to grow and to do that you need to make sure your days are productive- not just busy.

   Increase your Business’s sales and engagement by approaching each month strategically and improving your productivity using The Monthly Productivity Planner. 

Hold yourself accountable for the goals and tasks you do not reach. Analyze your results at the end of each month to identify what areas your business is performing well in and where there is room for improvement. 

    Planner Sections

✨ 12 Undated Monthly Calendars

Each month starts off with an undated monthly calendar. At the top, there’s a space to put your quote or positive affirmation for the month. In the middle is the month‘s calendar to keep up with your appointments, promotions, networking events, vending etc. At the bottom, is a Small Business Challenge.

✨Brain Dump

Brain dumps are blank pages to get your thoughts out or leave reminders for yourself.

✨Monthly Goals

Goals are essential to setting your company up for success. The Key to making your month productive and profitable is to have a clear plan and milestones outlined. Each month you will set your new short term goals. If you have goals from last month that you didn’t meet, add them too.

✨Marketing Strategy

It’s time to get consistent about your marketing! At the beginning of each month we will set marketing goals, plan out promotions and which marketing channels will be used. This section will help to identify what’s working and what’s not- so you can make adjustments as needed.

✨Monthly Income & Expenses

Cash flow matters! You need to know what money is going out just as much as you worry about what’s coming in. The goal is to make a profit, not take losses. Record every purchase you make for your business. Remember to save receipts. This will also come in handy when it’s time to set your monthly budgets and file your taxes.

✨Social Media Insights

Record your social media insights for the month. Use your insights each month to track the growth of your social media accounts. These insights should be used when creating your monthly marketing strategy as well.

✨Wrap Up The Month

Monthly wrap up goes over your progress and achievements for the month. Records Finances and identifies areas that need improvement.

✨Monthly Income Statement

The income statement shows your business’s revenues, expenses and profitability.

✨Financial Income Statement

Sum up your Finances for the quarter.

Brainstorm to Success

Successful business owners plan and track their performance. They then take those insights and use them to improve and grow. 🌱


Small Business Challenges

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S.W.O.T Analysis

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Find & Apply For Grants

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