I signed up for a Pop Up Shop, what do I do now?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

What am I supposed to do leading up to the Pop Up Shop?

Promote! Promote! Promote! A pop up shop is not a permanent event, which means people will only know about it…..if you promote it!

1. Fill out your Pop Up Shop Prep sheet in your business journal. Purchase from Peace & Grind.

2. Learn the event details:

a. Whose hosting the event?

b. What are their goals for this event?

c. Have they hosted a similar event? How did it turn out?

d. What time is set up ?

e. What time is break down?

f. How is parking?

g. Do you need a table?

h. How much space will you have for set up?

i. Is there a theme?

j. Who is the target audience?

k. What is the expected traffic?

l. What other vendor are coming?

m. Will there be any special guests or main attractions?

3. Define your goals for the event. Examples:

a. My purpose for participating in this event is….

b. I will sign up X amount of email subscribers.

c. I will gain X amount of new Facebook followers.

d. I will sell X amount of products. '