What is a Pop Up shop and what advantages does it provide my business?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What is a Pop Up Shop?

A pop up shop is when one or more businesses set up in a temporary location for customers to shop. Both large and small businesses benefit by participating in pop up shops. The intentions of a Pop Up Shop is to: raise brand awareness and make connections.

Advantages of a Pop Up Shop

v Market Research

v Brand Awareness

v Reach New Customers

v Customer Feedback

v Network With Other Vendors

v Clear Out Inventory

v Introduce New Products

v Make Sales-yes this is at the bottom for a reason. If your purpose of a pop up shop is simply to make sales, you’re cheating yourself and your business.

Ask the right questions before signing up

1. Does the event’s purpose/theme align with your Brand’s values?

2. Do you share a similar Target Audience with the event?

3. Do you see others promoting the event? Remember if it’s still early, the event may just not be promoted as heavy yet.

4. Does the time and date fit your schedule? How early can you arrive for set up?

5. How much is the vendor fee?

6. Where is the event being held?

a. What surrounds it?

b. How is the area’s foot traffic on a normal day?

c. Are there any other events in the area that you can pull traffic from?

7. Whose hosting the event?

a. What are their goals for this event?

b. Have they hosted a similar event? How did it turn out?

c. Where is the event located? What surrounds it?

8. How much space do you have for display?

a. Are table/chairs provided?