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Pop Up Shop Planner

Businesses who participate in Pop Up Shops a.k.a Vendor Events or Craft Shows increase brand awareness, sales and connections. However, signing up for a Pop Up Shop is not enough and hinders your opportunity. Take the time to not only properly plan for events but be present during the events and track how the event went. Knowing what went well and what didn't gives you a head start on making the next one more successful. Remember your sales at the end of the day are not what determines your success rate. Reaching the goals you set for the event does.

The key to making any event successful is to fully prepare yourself and properly plan. 🔑 
Prior to signing up for any event you need to take the time to learn the Event Details. Make sure they align with your brand and your schedule. 🔑 
At the end of each event record your performance and then use those results to make the next one even more successful. 🔑
Now that you’re signed up it’s time to use our Pop Up Shop Planner to start strategizing a plan! 

The Pop Up Shop Planner will help you prepare and strategize for each event.

Below are some of the pages you'll find in the Pop Up Shop Planner

Set Monthly Goals

Set Your Intentions & Goals

Monthly Event Schedule

Create A Marketing Plan

Record The Event Details

Plan your Inventory

Vendor Display Inspo

Check out this Facebook group for display ideas and tips.