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Hey I'm Risss, Co-Owner of Peace & Grind, with my husband Donte and our children. We are a family of Entrepreneurs, Explorers and Small Business Owners. Peace & Grind was started as a Wellness And Business Center in Portsmouth, VA. During our time there my kids launched their first business, Fidgets 4 You, participated in vendor events and made a ton of friends. Donte & I ran our metaphysical shop Peace Of Nature, The Center and our Cleaning company, Skyes The Limit Cleaning. As a family we ran our Kids Club, P&G Kids, where we hosted homeschool camps and youth/family events. After two amazing years of events, networking, learning and healing- the urge to travel and enjoy more free time as a family started itching. So November 2022, we shut our doors.

Although we’re no longer in our building, Peace & Grind will always remain alive because it’s a lifestyle-not a location. It’s about finding peace, while on the grind. Building generational wealth and breaking generational curses. Taking the time to be present in the moment, spend time with family, and genuinely enjoy what we worked for. Practicing self care and putting protection measures in place. Expanding what we know about finances and making our money grow. Implementing automation systems and organizing to reduce the stress running a small business can cause. Strategizing and Prioritizing your goals and to do list. Accomplishing your dreams without compromising yourself.

All of those above factors are what our Planners, Ebooks, Templates and videos are about. Growing, Enjoying and Building a better quality of life for our family and yours. I hope our journey, products or videos inspire and helps you improve your quality of life in some capacity. 🥰

Grow Your Small Business With Risss

Small Business Tips, Business Planners, Graphic Designs. Networking Events, Vending Events.

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Peace And Grind Family

Balancing kids and business. Homeschooling & Traveling family of 7. Side Hustles.

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Peace Of Nature

Soothing the mind, body & soul with nature’s love.

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